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My name is Bond...
15 May 2008

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Melody ♪♫ ♥ on Yummy
mmmmmmmmm :):):) 5*

The Dark Dude on River Mein
hey duderella man, youre hungry for bacon and im hungry for that view dudess... nice shot

Anna on El Born
Thanks Alex! Both shots are from last summer, Born is a very beautiful neighborhood to walk around and photograph.

alex centrella on El Born
nice shot !

Curly on Meteora, Greece
Makes you wonder how they managed to transport the materials up there, let alone set about building it. Nice capture.

Butterfly Carrie on Meteora, Greece
looks stunning!

Sarito on My name is Bond...
very cute bond.....

Anna on My name is Bond...
geia sou kwsta!! thanks! to montelo itan apsogo :)

kostas on My name is Bond...
Geia sou Anna! Poly kalh h photo!!

Miquel Bohigas Costabella on Girona
Bona perspectiva de les cases de l'Onyar.

Soco on Enjoy the view and let the time go by...
Nice shot

Anna on Enjoy the view and let the time go by...
Thank you, it was indeed a nice view of a big part of Paris, Sacre Coeur and the river. The giant clock of the musseum ...

lucie on Enjoy the view and let the time go by...
that is extremely cool!!

danthro on Enjoy the view and let the time go by...
cool shot. must be a nice view.

David on Light
Beautiful shot

annora on Roses growing by the window
i like this!the flowers give the picture more zest!i dont think the picture would work so well without the flowers.=)

Anna on The sunken tower
Glad you liked it :)

Anna on Moooooo!
Thanks Steph, I had a nice pose from the "model" :)

Steph on Moooooo!
Nice composition, i like it

Sandrine on Colours

Anna on Beer Coming
Thank you Pedro! Although I must admit it was kind of an accidental shot, I still love it!! :)

Zing on Colours
Great macro, nice details!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on The sunken tower
So beautiful!

Anna on Colours
Gracias Pau! La encontre el otro dia (hace 2 años o mas que la hice) y me di cuenta que habia quedado mejor de ...

Pau on Colours
Excelente captura! Me encanta el colorido que tiene, una foto sensacional.

Pedro Lírio on Beer Coming
Great effect, i feel the movement...

Ahraht on Bicycles
Amesterdam would not be complete without it's bykes. Great shot.

Dimitrios on Bicycles
crisp shot, fine DOF

Anna on Amsterdam
Hi Kitty, yes, we had lovely shinny days, was it really uncommon even on July? Thanks for passing by :) (I dont know ...

Anna on Amsterdam
It really really was, i fell in love with it in just two days. :) (p.s : the photos in your page are great!)

Kitty Maguire Photography on Amsterdam
An uncommon sight this year in - BLUE SKY- nice image

Evi on Amsterdam
A nice place to be!

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